Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Living without a desktop.....

So my desktop computer had crashed and I just picked up a new one off Newegg. Sad to say when i got it, it freakin blue screened on me almost instantly. Sending it back for an exchange and hoping my next one doesn't do the same thing to me

But living without a desktop isn't so bad after all. Ive got multiple laptops in my household since almost everyone in my family has there own. And you know what? Im not missing my desktop much. In today's world, portability is everything. And laptops (and netbooks) are getting more and more powerful every year. Sooner or later the desktop may become an obsolete piece of equipment your children's children may one day use as a topic starter in their living rooms.

"Hey what's that?"

"O that? That's a computer. Yeah, its old and my great grandfather left it to me in his will instead of money....sigh....."

Im not missing my desktop much. I basically use it for internet, word, and the occasional moderate gaming. For the price of a brand new desktop, I can almost get a similar spec laptop.

But the one thing that a desktop has over a laptop is security. If someone decides to go into your house and do some shopping, which would they rather take? A nice thin portable laptop or the huge hunk of a box sitting there hooked up to a monitor?

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